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Welcome to Your

Montreal Wedding DESTINATION

for Flowers, Decor, Rentals & Invitations!

Are you planning a Montreal wedding?
A modern & chic or a natural & organic wedding? A Timeless Celebration can help!

We offer you, our busy clients, the luxury of working with one designer for all the creative elements of your weddings & events
so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors and can focus on the more important things.

You can leave all the important little details to us.
We will ensure that your theme and style will flow effortlessly from the beginning to the end.

Contact us today to let us help you with behind-the-scenes perfection!

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Modern & Chic

Modern & Chic weddings are perfect for the brides & grooms who crave all things contemporary and trendy.

Montreal wedding photographer botanical garden natural organic flowers.jpg

Natural & Organic

For the brides & grooms who love the nature and love to be inspired by the true beauty of the earth.

Rustic Wedding Flowers Centerpieces Forest & Stream Club Dorval Montreal

Rustic & Shabby Chic

Nothing screams rustic more than baby’s breath and mason jars!


We take care of
all the important details
so you can focus on
the more important things!

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