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Caryn Lim is a wedding designer with more than 10 years of experience. She had always loved making handmade greeting cards for her family and friends because she loved how personalized it was. One day, a friend asked her to decorate his wedding! Guess what her response was? ‘Are you sure?!’ That same year, she decorated 3 weddings at her church. Perhaps they saw something in her before she even realized!

Caryn established her company, A Timeless Celebration Weddings & Events Inc. in 2005. The company was born out of many hours of Labour of Love as Caryn helped friends and families with their weddings, baby showers, personal celebrations, coordinated events such as conferences, summer camps and fundraisers for non-profit organizations. The combination of her love for business, art, design, creativity, details, all things personalized and excellent customer service is what’s behind her company.

As a designer, her goal is to help her clients, brides, grooms, businesses and companies to stop worrying about how the theme of their weddings and events will all come together in the end. Clients can enjoy the personalized service with one designer for all of your invitation, decor and floral needs. There is no need to deal with multiple vendors for the design aspect of their big day, personal celebrations or conferences. Clients can be assured that the theme and style of their events will flow effortlessly from the beginning to the end.



Planner and designer Caryn Lim is the owner of A Timeless Celebration Event Styling & Management. Caryn specializes in designing and creating all creative elements of her clients’ events from invitations to florals to décor. Caryn’s clients can enjoy the luxury of working with one designer and can be assured the theme and style will flow effortlessly from the beginning to the end of their events.



A Timeless Celebration was established in 2005 by designer Caryn Lim. It is an event design company that can make your important occasions and celebrations look absolutely fabulous and detailed perfect so that THEY can WOW their guests.

A Timeless Celebration offers their busy clients the luxury of working with one designer for all the creative elements of their weddings & events. Clients don’t have to deal with multiple vendors for their invitations, flowers and decor needs so they can spend more time on other important things and people at their events.



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