We had the pleasure of traveling to Las Vegas and into the deserts of the Death Valley in California to provide flowers for a newly engaged couple for their pre-wedding/engagement photoshoot. I can’t get over the stunning photos and video created by the team from Luxury Moment Photography. We created three floral pieces for this shoot and traveled to three different spots in the Death Valley. Each location was stunning with its different characters and attributes, it was definitely an eye opening experience!

First stop was at the Badwater Basin in the Death Valley National Park. It’s supposedly the lowest point in North America and the hottest! It is a salt lake 282 feet below sea level where a temporary lake may form after heavy rainstorms. The bouquet we created for this location was with lush greenery and flowers of earthy tones with pops of red to contrast the beautiful deserted backdrop. We also created a leaf garland for the bride to wear, it wrapped around the bride beautifully.

Second stop was at the Artist’s Palette. Our bride wore a beautiful red dress. The flowers smelled so good that even a butterfly had to rest on the flowers and enjoy the fragrant!

Third and final stop on this trip was the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. We were hoping to catch sunset, but unfortunately, it was too cloudy for us to enjoy. Nonetheless, the photographers did capture some stunning photos of the couple!

And nowwww! For some behind-the-scenes…

What an amazing time we had! I am so blessed that I am able to travel for work to experience and see these beautiful places created by God. Very much looking forward to the next destination shoot!


Photos & Video Luxury Moment Photography | A Timeless Celebration Flowers | Location Badwater Basin + Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes + Artist Drive, Death Valley, California