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“My wedding planner is definitely better then yours!

Trust me when I tell you that my wedding planner is definitely better then yours… I honestly think she has super powers because she pulled off the impossible in less then 3 weeks. Let me tell you my story and you can be the judge.

Initial wedding date: Octobre 2020(Postponed)
Second date: July 2021(Had to change venues 2X thanks to covid)

I reached out to Caryn in April 2021, when my 1st venue cancelled on me 2 month before my wedding. Freaking out because I didn’t know what to do and how to find a venue that fast.

Surprisingly, she was not worried or stressed. She was happy to accept the challenge of putting a wedding together in 2 month. (I thought she was crazy but she made me feel hopeful again)

But then 3 weeks before my wedding, we find out that my second venue is a no go either so at this point I’m ready to get married in a dumpster I swear! Caryn, on the other hand, had other plans for me and a dumpster was definitely not part of it!

She was able to book me a venue, find my caterer and rent everything we need to turn that venue into the most magical, whimsical and dreamy venue you can ever think of. She turned that venue into my dream wedding in less then 3 weeks.

So if this doesn’t make her a super hero or the best wedding planner out there then I dunno what will!

You still don’t believe me? Go check out her instagram and look at what she did!

I will be forever grateful for you and for what you did for me and my husband!

Thank you Caryn!”