Tips For Planning Your Montreal Outdoor Wedding

Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Spa Mont Gabriel

Your heart is set on an outdoor wedding in Montreal! Wonderful, it will be absolutely gorgeous! No matter if you’re having a backyard wedding, at a park, on the mountainside, or at an outdoor private venue in Montreal, you need to remember a few things.

Rain Policies

Check all your vendor contract’s rain policies before you commit to anything outdoors! Here are some important questions to ask:

  • What is the backup plan in case of rain?
  • What if it rained prior to your wedding, can the rented equipment be on wet grounds?
  • What if it rains after the wedding and the rental company hasn’t picked up the rentals in time? Who’s responsible?
  • Who’s responsible for making the call on the day of the wedding to proceed to Plan B?
  • What is the latest time to decide so all the vendors can have ample time to prepare for either Plan A or Plan B?

Mic Your Ceremony

If you’re having a very intimate outdoor wedding, the sound shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you have a big guest list, the guests in the back rows might not be able to hear what’s going on upfront. If your location has a lot of external noise or if there is a strong wind, your guests also might not be able to hear. Some venues that specialize in outdoor weddings might have the equipment readily available for you. Your DJ is also a good bet to be able to help you solve the sound issue.

Hair Trial

Regardless if your wedding is outdoor or indoor, I suggest brides go for a hair trial. If your wedding is outdoors, it is even more important to discuss with your hairstylist beforehand to find ways to wind-, rain-, and humidity-proof your hair! Your hairstylist might make it mandatory for you to see them before the wedding so they can see your hair type to make better suggestions and be better prepared to style your hair on the day of your wedding. Believe me, a hair trial is well worth the hassle!

Two Dresses

If you have a big wedding gown for the ceremony, you might want to consider having a second dress for the evening as you dance the night away. Some wedding gowns can be thick, heavy, and hot. After the ceremony and all the important wedding portraits have been taken, you might want to change into a lighter, shorter, and more relaxed dress. You can better enjoy the evening and dance until the wee hours of the night without suffocating in your gown.

Heels or Not

Many outdoor weddings are on the grass. Remember that stilettos or kitten heels don’t do well on grass. If you have a runner or carpet, make sure it’s not too thin that your heels would go right through (and might even be stuck!). Heels are gorgeous, I get it, but if you’re sinking into the ground with every step, it might not be worth it and might even be embarrassing. You’re better off with wedges or flats. If you absolutely must have those stunning heels for your wedding, try heel protectors for grass. Remember to get them well in advance and test them out prior to your big day.

Rain Portraits

If it does end up raining on your wedding day, you can also enjoy and have a memorable one! Be sure to have already brainstormed some rainy portrait ideas. Your photos can come out absolutely gorgeous and oh-so-romantic! Be sure to ask your photographer and videographer if they are equipped for the rain if necessary and ask them for photo and video ideas too!

Can you think of other tips for brides who are planning an outdoor wedding? Comment below so we can add to the list!

Happy Planning!


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