8 Questions to Ask Wedding Vendors

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A couple of months ago we posted 5 tips to starting your vendor research. Now, some of you are ready to put down an initial payment and book your core vendors. Today, we are giving you 8 questions you should ask all your vendors before you book them. So get that pretty wedding notebook out and take some notes!


How long have you been doing this? How many weddings do you do per year?

You probably don’t want to hire vendors who only do one or two weddings a year. Ideally, they should have plenty of experience so they can deliver as promised and ensure your wedding day goes smoothly.


Do you have a portfolio for me to review?

It is important to ask to see the portfolio of the person who will be doing your wedding. Some vendors, like photographers, have a team or hire extra help on your wedding day, so you’d want to see the work of that person and not just of the lead photographer of that company.


How much do you cost? What is the term of payment?

The saying “you get what you pay for” is true a lot of the times. Hiring vendors with more training, skills, experience and reputation often come with a higher price tag. Does the vendor require an initial payment? It might not be a bad idea to put down a deposit even if the vendor doesn’t require one. You can be assured that the vendor has the date reserved for you. This also helps you manage your finances when you spread out your payments. Just make sure you to get a receipt for your deposit.


Do you use a contract?

Make sure the vendor draws up a contract with you. This is a written proof that protects you and the vendor. What exactly is included in the price, cancellation policies, payment terms, etc.


Are there any additional fees or hidden costs I should be aware of?

Make sure you calculate and take into consideration taxes, gratuities, transportation or travel fees. These should be clearly outlined in your contract.


Do you carry liability insurance?

When vendors have liability insurance, it will protect you in case of an accident on your wedding day. When vendors invest in insurance, it also means that they are a reputable business and don’t intend on doing this for only a few months and closing down.


Is there anything else I haven’t asked that I should be aware of?

A good honest vendor will bring up major topics you haven’t discussed and details you should be aware of and take into consideration.


Do you have reviews and testimonials I can take a look at?

When you read reviews and feedback from past clients, you will learn more about that vendor and their business practices. Do use your common sense to evaluate if the reviews are trustworthy. Do they have the same tone of voice, which means they were all written by the same person, and are the reviews from a trustworthy review website.