10 Worst Wedding Regrets

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Weddings can be overwhelming. So much to do, so many details to take care of, and so many choices. It is very easy to end up making choices that seem like a good idea in the moment, but that end up being your worst wedding regrets. I asked some wedding professionals to share some of the biggest regrets their clients experienced to help give you all some cues.

Allison Plachcinski, a wedding planner with A Belle Affair Weddings says that brides tell her that one of their biggest wedding regrets was putting too much emphasis on the look and feel of the bridesmaid dresses. As a result, the brides and the bridesmaids get into heated arguments to the point where some have fallen out of touch because of all the drama. This included one maid of honor who dropped out of the wedding party because she did not have any choice in the bridesmaid dress.

Angela Skinner of Mobile Bartending by Line and Lace, says that one of the biggest wedding regrets she hears from brides were from the ones that purchased a wedding dress that did not fit as a means to have the motivation to lose weight before the big day. She also states that couples who choose a very small, intimate venue too early on in the planning tend to be in for a shock when they finally tally up the full number of guests being invited to the wedding.

Natalka Gach Lee, a wedding planner who started Love Share Events, an endeavor to form a network of wedding and event professionals, says that some end up with regrets when it comes to hiring a DJ. Lee says that couples should insist on a meeting with the DJ (especially if the venue is supplying the DJ) to make sure that the DJ has the music the couple requires, will come dressed appropriately for the occasion and who will respect all music requests.

Wanda Malfara, photographer and head of SIAM Productions says the mistakes people make when it comes to wedding photography is when the bride and groom think they can have friends and relatives take the best photographs. “When it is all said and done, the dress has yellowed, flowers wilted and the only thing left are the memories – the photographs are forever and are so much more important than people realize in the excitement of an amazing wedding day” says Malfara.

James P.Correia, also a wedding photographer; states that it is becoming more common to have an “unplugged-wedding”. This means that neither digital cameras nor phones are permitted. This “allow all guests to enjoy themselves more, take in the meaning of the day, and truly observe a magical moment.” Correia believes that, “our generation too often buries our heads in our gadgets… and we are starting to miss out on a lot.”

In addition to what these photographers said, when I was doing the research for this article, there are actually some couple that want to be the first to distribute photos from the wedding on social media after the events, and not have it done for them by the wedding guests, throughout the event.

Caryn Lim, Designer and Wedding Planner at A Timeless Celebration warn brides and bridesmaid against attempting to make their own invitations. “The costs come out to roughly the same, however the do-it-yourself method comes with a whole lot more headaches.” Says Lim.

Florist Helen Mandrozos, creative director of Studio Floral Ermis offered some very insightful advice. “Bigger is not always better!” Bides have told her that they regretted ordering a big bouquet that was too heavy to carry throughout the day and how it overpowered their wedding dress, even though it was the bouquet the bride had set her heart on. Also, she has often received phone calls from frantic wedding participants the night before the wedding asking to hire her services to help with their flowers at the very last minute after failed do-it-yourself projects.

Finally, no wedding preparation is complete without planning to honeymoon. Travel agent Dagmar Daghofer of the Vision 2000 Travel Group who helps couples book honeymoons strongly suggests not waiting too long to book anything because the resort they want may have either gone up in price or is no longer available. Waiting until last minute might force the couple to end up in family oriented hotel as opposed to something more romantic. Simple put, you cannot take back a low class honeymoon.

Good or bad, your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and thus it is important to be mindful to take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure the memory of your wedding is a pleasant one.

Article written by Frank Kermit and originally published in The Montreal Times Newspaper. Frank can be contacted by phone at 514.680.3278 or through email: frank@franktalks.com