Montreal Vintage Rental Vendor Interview: Victoria Lafleur

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I love more and more vintage and rustic weddings! Check out the antique suitcase from La Mariée Bohème for my son’s 2 year old birthday photoshoot! Isn’t it adorable! If you’re like me and in love with anything vintage, you’d definitely want to meet Victoria Lafleur, a Montreal based-rental company. She is the go-to expert for all your vintage and handmade rentals.


What led you to this business?

”I have always been a creative person ever since I was young. I was doing crafts and making scrapbooks ever since I can remember. I studied fashion design and while I was working in the industry realized that the 9-5 corporate/cubicle job was not for me and that I wanted to start something for myself. I fell on some wedding blogs about 5 years ago and started to think about what I could offer that would be different. Two years ago I started La Mariée Bohème at Salon de la Mariée with a half booth and a tiny inventory. We slowly accumulated more and more awesome rentals, connected with other professionals in the field and was widening my social network. Now we are booming with over 25 weddings booked for 2015, starting to plan for 2016 and continuously growing our inventory and providing our clients with new and creative items and concepts. ”

Check out this cupcake stand Victoria provided for one of my clients from last year! Love!


What is the most popular item(s) you get requests for?

“We have a lot of requests for miss matched dishware and cutlery. We are working on a couple of barn tables which are really on demand right now and mason jars, milk glass and other smaller items are always being requested.”


What is the oddest request you’ve received?

“Nothing is too odd for us since we enjoy picking unique and special items for our clients.”

What is your favourite wedding you’ve designed?

“It’s an upcoming June 2015 wedding with one of my fave couples. They have great taste and know what they want. They trust me to do my thing and always want my input and expertise. They are really enthusiastic, adorable together and most of the all, the groom is really involved in the process, which is a bonus. They are both my biggest fans and have only the best and most positive things to say about me and my work which keeps me motivated!”


Which blogs do you frequent to get inspirations for your designs?

”All the big wedding ones like style me pretty, ruffled, 100 layer cake, green wedding shoes, pinterest is a must!”

Here’s a wedding styled by Victoria. Isn’t it gorgeous!

Get in touch with Victoria

Victoria Lafleur
Owner/Head Stylist
La Mariée Bohème

Phone: 514-265-8764


Hope you enjoyed our chat with Victoria! Is there another vendor you’d like to see featured on our blog? Let us know in the comment box below!