Montreal Emcee Vendor Interview: Carrie Ma

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Carrie Ma is one amazing emcee in Montreal, we’re so lucky to have her! The first time I coordinated a wedding with her as emcee, Carrie not only got a boring crowd of Chinese guests on the dance floor dancing and playing games all night long, she coordinated the flow of the wedding reception very well.She was always alert of everything around her, even what’s happening in the kitchen. When the kitchen staff notified us the main course will be served later than scheduled, Carrie immediately came up with a game to entertain the guests. There was no dull moment at that wedding!

What got you started as an emcee?

“Many years ago, I hosted 2-3 weddings just for fun until a disk jockey (also wedding emcee) asked me to join their team.” And they’ve made the perfect team since, I’ve witnessed it first hand!


What was your first emceeing experience like?

“I was only the translator for the main emcee and it was pretty messy at the beginning.”


What is your mission behind emceeing a wedding?

“It is my mission to make sure in every single party, all guests have a blast from A to Z.” If Carrie knows you’ve been a guest at a wedding she had previously emceed, she will not play the same games again so you will never get bored at weddings with her as an emcee!

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What is currently your favourite game?

“I don’t have a favorite game because even an old game can be very “fresh” depending on how the emcee modifies it to a “fresher” version. For an example:

Our famous traditional game, the egg roll (transferring an egg from one pants leg to another); my latest version of this game is to have couples competing against other couples with a time limit. Of course the losers pay the price. Since it is a traditional game, the younger generations probably have never played/seen such [traditional and unique] entertainment.”


Any tips for couples hiring an emcee?

“I don’t have any tips because all newlyweds have their own preferred way to be handled at their wedding reception by the emcee. Some of them prefer New York style and some of them prefer buffet reunion style.” So brides and grooms, do your research and hire someone who clicks with you, know your personality and your style so that they can keep the night flowing just the way you envisioned your wedding to be. If you have seen games at other weddings that you liked or disliked, let your emcee know. A good emcee will also ask you in advance for names of people who you know wouldn’t mind getting up in front of a crowd to entertain. These guests will help the emcee to get the crowd hyped up!


What are some of the challenges of your job?

“The biggest challenge is not to have more than 80% of the guests’ attention when needed, especially inviting guests to the dancing floor.” Having witnessed Carrie in action, one thing is for sure, she always gets people onto the dance floor, even your most timid and quiet crowd of Asian people!


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What makes you different from other MCs?

“I must admit I do have a radio voice comparing to many other emcees.” Carrie does have a very unique voice. You will always be able to recognize her voice from miles away! <wink>


Any crazy stories to tell?

“One time, before introducing the bride and groom, I asked everyone to stand up and made them stretch their muscles to make sure everyone was ready to party hard. During the same night, while doing the garter removal, I made the groom approach an elders’ table, obviously he was trying to find the garter, but the challenge is, he was blind folded! The big crowd surrounded that table just to see the crazy reactions of those elderly guests!”


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