Montreal Wedding Photographer Interview: Jennifer Pontarelli

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I first met Jennifer, a Montreal wedding photographer, at a wedding vendor’s group meeting where a few of us got together to discuss a possible charity project we can do together to pay-it-forward for brides & grooms. Jennifer is a super fun and easy going gal. You can ask anything of her, and her answer would be “yea sure, why not!”

When was the first time you picked up a camera and snapped a photo?

“I was 9 years old when I picked up my father’s camera for the first time. Although I didn’t take the art that seriously at the time, I just loved shooting everything and then when I was 20 years old, I became an Alouette Cheerleader. The light on the field was magical and so hard to ignore, so I would hide my camera in my pom pom’s so that I could grab as many shots as possible in between dance routines.”


That must have been super fun! Would love to see some of those shots you were able to sneak in your camera, Jennifer!


What are the challenges of your job?

“Making sure that the needs of my clients are met, whatever they may be. Some like e-mails, some like face to face talks… other spend hours on the phone with me. I want them all to feel that they can come to me for everything because I understand the stresses of that day. In the end, it’s the relationship I love the most.”


Whoever you hire as a vendor, customer service and communication is definitely key, don’t you agree? During your wedding planning process and sometimes beyond, vendors become your friends, they are the ones who have to know you and your style in order to deliver what you have envisioned for your big day.

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What is your favourite part of the wedding day to capture?

“The couple session at the park. At this point in the day, the couple hasn’t seen each other in a couple of hours and there is so much to say and catch up on. They are both so excited and the feeling is contagious, so you can’t help but smile and create magic.”


Ahh yes! The couple’s session is really… probably… the only time you get to spend alone with the person you will soon begin the rest of your life with! Whether it’s before the ceremony or after the ceremony before the reception, it is definitely one of the most magical moments of your wedding day and the photographer is the one who gets to share that moment with you can capture it all.

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Team Canon or Team Nikon?



What is your dream wedding location to shoot a wedding?

“I would love to shoot a wedding in California”


Any tips for couples looking for a photographer for their big day?

“Trust and comfortability are the factors when choosing your photographer. I want my couples to know that I have their backs that day. That I took in all of their requests and will make it happen for them.”


Most definitely! The photographer is literally one who will spend the entire wedding day with you! So choose someone you’re comfortable with!

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What is your mission behind photographing a wedding?

“Capturing the day to its fullest so that not even the smallest detail is left behind. Grabbing family as much as possible, especially the older ones and making sure my couples have a BLAST with me.”


Details, details, details! I’m big on details! You will be super busy on your wedding day and will not get to notice all the details you’ve planned. When shopping for a photographer, be sure to check their portfolio to see how big they are on details. Like Jennifer said, you wouldn’t want to leave the smallest details behind. Those are the things you’ve spent so much time working on during the planning process.

And of course, family! What is a wedding without family and friends there to celebrate with you! My fav shots are those of parents and especially those cute grandparents as they watch their granddaughter walk down the aisle, as they watch the first kiss or as they hug the newly weds and shed a tear on this very special day! Aww!

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Get in touch with Jennifer

Jennifer Pontarelli
Owner/Lead Photographer
Photography by Jennifer Pontarelli

Phone: 514-244-9776


Hope you enjoyed our chat with Jennifer! Is there another vendor you’d like to see featured on our blog? Let us know in the comment box below!