Montreal Caterer Vendor Interview: Annamaria & Frank Mellace

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How did I meet Annamaria and Frank… Annamaria, a Montreal Caterer, first messaged me on facebook! She introduced herself, her chef-husband, their catering business and invited me for a tasting! Who would say no to a tasting?!

I often organize site/venue visits and vendor nights with other wedding planners so that we can get to know our vendors. Afterall, if we are to refer vendors to our clients, we better know them well and what they offer. The tasting with Annamaria and Frank was definitely beyond our expectations. They put so much thought into the presentation of their food and the taste was amazing.


What does your company name “Piatto Rustico” mean?

“Piatto, in Italian, means a plate or a meal, for example ‘un piatto di pasta!’ Rustico, in Italian, means RUSTIC! We chose this name because Frank cooks in a very authentic, rustic and traditional way.”

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What are the newest food trends you’re seeing in entertaining?

“We’re seeing more theme stations, also known as ‘bars’. We’ve had the fun opportunity to prepare such as the antipasto bar, pizza, Mare e Monti , pasta and the dessert bar. Theme stations allow us to take a simple menu and bring it to the next level with ingredients and imagination.”


What is your mission behind a menu?

“Our mission is to keep it simple, always fresh – authentic while being able to give a modern take.”

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What are some of your clients’ favorite dishes?

“Our eggplant line (parmigiana, stuffed rolls and stuffed eggplant), chicken and veal involtini, arancini, lasagna…”


Any tips for brides & grooms on how to develop a wedding menu?

“We always ask our brides and grooms WHAT they envision for their day. It is important to reflect yourselves in your menu (for example rustic, sophisticated, simple and dainty…).”

I love it! Remember, not only your decor and stationery should match your vision for your wedding, don’t forget that the food you serve should also reflect your wedding theme as well!

montreal wedding caterer vendor interview.jpeg

What made you start weekly meals?

“We believe that everyone deserves a healthy & home-cooked meal, even in busy schedule!”

I can definitely relate! With my crazy schedule in the events industry, sometimes I don’t even have a couple of minutes to go through drive through to get a muffin for lunch or dinner, let alone think of what to cook. Though I love to be in the kitchen, it is pretty much impossible during wedding peak seasons.


Get in touch with Annamaria & Frank

Annamaria & Frank Mellace
Owners & Head Chef

Traiteur Piatto Rustico

Phone: 514.544.8424


Hope you enjoyed our chat with Annamaria & Frank! Is there another vendor you’d like to see featured on our blog? Let us know in the comment box below!