Montreal Limousine Vendor Interview: Mike Sala

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Mike Sala, the owner of Montreal Link Limousine, a man who delivers what he promises. ‘nough said! Ok… maybe not. I’ve a hilarious story to tell! I was chatting with Mike and was trying to guess his age. Based on his success and the fact that he seems like a wise man because he conducts business in ways that many other vendors don’t, in good ways of course! I guessed 37! But he’s actually only 32 (hope you don’t mind me giving away your wise age).


How did you get started in the business?

“I was a chauffeur for many years for different companies and a lot of clients used to ask only for me as a driver or even asks my cell phone number so they could contact me directly to serve them, I took this opportunity to start with a website and renting cars from other companies as my name got bigger because of my great services I’ve decided to get my own cars and limousines. Now I thank each client who supported me and who also became close friends.”


What was the very very first car you owned?

“My first limousine I bought was a Lincoln town car 1999.”


What makes you different from other limo Companies?

“It’s like airlines, most of them got first class and economy. At link limousines our economy rates are the first class in all other limousine companies in Montreal which none of them offer. It means my standard services are first class at the same rate of all my competitors.”

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What was the most bizarre request for a vehicle you’ve received?

“A spyder motorcycle that was it. Beats all other requests.”


What is the current trend in wedding limousines?

“These days brides and grooms are choosing more and more modern, sports and luxury vehicles as the antiques are fading slowly.”

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What is the most challenging part of your job?

“The most challenging part is to hire chauffeurs not drivers. In my book driver is a pizza delivery guy witch is very different in what we serve. My chauffeurs are selected from cream of the cream of chauffeurs. After all they are my image.”

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Any tips for couples looking to hire a limo for their wedding?

“Honesty is the key of each business , if after a brief meeting with your limousine provider and you still don’t know all the details then I would consider it a cheat or unprofessional. Each client should leave the showroom questions free. And beware of brokers that don’t have a showroom.”

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I was browsing through Link Limousine’s website and found this blog post on there that I loved. It describes what a first class limousine company should offer, not only the sparkling wine and the red car, which most limousine companies do…

What type of service should your limo company provide?

“Seems like a silly question, right?  I mean, duh, a limo company provides a chauffeur service.  It takes you from point A to point B.  Drops you off at wherever and comes to pick you up when you’re done.  That’s simple enough.

“If you agree with that, you’re not entirely wrong.  I mean sure, the basic premise of a limousine service is meant to chauffeur the client from point A to point B but that’s really only true of a run-of-the-mill wedding limousine service, a good business, maybe even a great one if they’re always running on time.  But what sets a great limousine service apart from an excellent one are the extras.  And we all know that in this day and age, we are all about the extras.

“This blogger would say that a stellar limousine service provides more than just a pick-up and drop-off service on the day of your wedding.  More and more, people are expecting to get paramount service from their wedding suppliers and what used to be okay in the past, just won’t cut it in today’s competitive market.  So you can afford, and often for the same price, to shop your limousine service providers a little more closely nowadays.  Weed out the basic service people and go for something more luxurious.  It is your big day, after all.

“When you book your wedding day limousine, make sure to get one that has plenty of extras.  Late-night return is a big plus.  So are complementary bottles of sparkling beverages and light snacks for the bride and groom.  You never really think about it amongst all of the chaos and excitement but really, when does a budding bride have time to eat on her wedding day?  Snacking in the limo is a huge plus.  Also, a good limousine chauffeur will have lots of experience helping brides (and bridesmaids) in and out of the car in their dresses.  This is invaluable unless you want to make your grand entrance in a wrinkled mess of a dress.  Great chauffeurs also know the very best spots to take you for photos and will not hesitate to make suggestions.  Often, these little extras come entirely complimentary, but you’d have to call to make sure, just in case.

“In any case, you should always choose a limousine company that guarantees a great selection of vehicles.  Why go with a company that only has two or four cars when you can go with one that offers upwards of 50 to choose from. Even better, you can always book more than one limousine, such as one for the bride and groom and one for the rest of the wedding party.”


The first time I worked with a couple who hired Mike and his limousine service, the bride told me that the “after-party pickup” is included. I looked at his contract (i.e. price) and asked the bride “you mean… Link Limousine will come back at 2 o’clock in the morning to pick you up??” That’s right! They do! Mike has never failed my clients. What amazing service! And I LOVE the fact that they think about the couple’s busy and long day that they care to provide beverage and light snacks during their ride with them! How awesome!

Get in touch with Mike

Mike Sala
Owner & First Class Chauffeur
Link Limousines Inc.

Phone: 514.974.5466



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