Montreal Event Entertainment Vendor Interview: Rose Santos

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Rose Santos has a genuine heart for people and her work. I’ve only met her once but speaking to her really makes me happy. Her smile is contagious and she’s just so true and real underneath all her makeup and stunning customs! And I love how she always says hello “Hello Dear Caryn!”

Photo by:  Danylo Bobyk

Photo by: Danylo Bobyk

What services do you offer brides and grooms for their wedding?

“We offer entertainment for their special day, weather it’s for cocktail, sweet table, in between meals, dancing or any part of the day.”


How long have you been in the business?

“10 years!”

Photo by: Creative Video Production

Photo by: Creative Video Production

What made you decide to go into the entertainment business?

“Because I’m Brazilian, everyone I talk to would expect me to dance. So slowly slowly, I discovered a passion.”


What inspires you to do what you do?

“To use my creativity and see people’s reactions and happiness after my work is delivered.”


Brides & grooms are on a budget these days, is entertainment really that important?

“I work with all sort of budgets! Some clients really prefer to cut in other areas of their wedding to be able to fit entertainment into their budget. They are giving a gift to their guests and really bring their special day to another level.”

Photo by:  Xposure

Photo by: Xposure

Any tips can you give couples when planning for entertainment for their wedding guests?

“Definitely do something that reflects the couple, as some are flamboyant, some are festive, some are classy, some are fancy…” Some couples know right away how they want to entertain their guests. Some don’t, but I’m sure having a little chat with Rose will steer you in the right direction. She will take the time to know you and your preferences to be able to suggest something suitable for your big day.


How far in advance should couples book you for their entertainment?

“As you can imagine, summer is the busiest time for all of us. To assure the services they are looking for is available, contact us at least 2 months ahead of time.”

hoto by:  Beautifoto

hoto by: Beautifoto

Are you planning anything new for 2016 wedding season?

“All the time! Shhh is secret :)”


What is your favourite part of your job?

“Meeting people! I usually connect very easy with people.” I can definitely agree with that. Rose and I connected right away when she came to visit me at my office. It surely didn’t feel like it was the first time we met!


What do you love doing when you’re not working?

“Honestly, being self-employed takes a lot of energy. I’m always working or thinking of my work; what’s next and how I can improve my company. But having lunch with a glass of wine and laughing is great too!” I can totally relate! Being self-employed could mean no set work hours, especially during the first few years of your business which you’re everything: designer, accountant, creative director, marketing… Glass of wine & lots of laughter sounds great! Can’t wait to meet you next time over a glass of wine! All the best in your business xoxo.


Check out this fun video from one of Rose’s many satisfied couples’ wedding!

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