Montreal Officiant Vendor Interview: Michel Boulanger

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Are you at a loss when it comes to hiring an officiant for your wedding? Most of the brides and grooms I talk to just don’t know where to start looking! Today, we interview one of Montreal’s best officiant and he gives us some tips on hiring an officiant.


Why did you want to become an officiant?

“12 years ago, I was invited for an outdoor ceremony in a mansion in Rosemere by a sweet couple, friends of mine.
The officiant was so boring and distant, it was worst than the courthouse. In my heart I thought: no couple in this world deserves such a treatment on the happiest day of their life.”

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And… he did it! Michel became an officiant. Look how fun he is at this wedding! It was one of the luxury weddings I coordinated with Michel at the Omni Hotel Montreal.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

“It is the creation of the ceremony itself, I am dedicated to making the wedding special and never miss class or originality. The personal choices are my priority, and the solemn ceremony that all can be as creative and fun.”

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Any great stories from a wedding you’ve officiated?

“We started a ceremony in a gazebo at St Raphael Golf, it stated raining, we all run under the tent of the bar, then it get stormy, we had to move inside for the pronouncement . We did the signature on a baby grand piano in the lobby.” Check out the wedding here:


What’s the most unique wedding you’ve officiated?

“A Valentine day wedding at Le Mont Blanc with more than 800 guests. Only 500 had fitted in the chapel: a powerful ceremony. A huge tent outside with all the food and fine alcohol the world can produce, Brazilian dancer, circus girl dancing on drape falling from the ceiling. The Directors and Karl Wolf as musical entertainment just for the cocktail. An incredible party. An opera singer singing Caruso for the bride dancing with her father.”

What advice would you pass along to couple who are planning their wedding?

“Ask your officiant:

  • How many weddings has he celebrated before, has he been reviewed?

  • Can we modify his ceremony, how flexible is he? (avoid one trick ponies!)

  • Does he have a valid license to perform wedding?

  • What is his fee? Does he require a deposit to secure the date? Does the fee include the rehearsal? Are there any hidden charges?

  • Will the ceremony be a religious, non-denominational or secular ceremony?

  • Is he familiar with other traditions and faiths ?

  • Will he provide a little lighthearted humor, if that is what you want?

  • If you have children, does he have some creative ideas or ways to include them in the ceremony? (ex: sand, rings)”

Thanks for the list of questions, Michel! This is great for future brides and grooms. Here’s also a website to help you search for an officiant in your area:


What do you do when you’re not busy marrying love birds?

“I like to spend time with my 9 year old daughter.”

Get in touch with Michel

Michel Boulanger
Director Mariages à Bras Ouverts
Wedding Officiant and  Commissioner for Oaths

Office: (514)-892-0361


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