How to Write a Floral Design Proposal that Books

Do you spend 3 to 5 hours to write a proposal to be sent out then you get ghosted? You no longer have to do hours of work before you even get paid! You will know exactly what to write in your proposal that gets you booked! I am also including a drag'n drop template so you can get a proposal out within 1 hour!

How to Price for Profit & a Fail-Proof Ordering System

Are you afraid to charge more because you think no one will book you? Do you think you don't have enough experience to be charging that much? Let's get rid of all your mindset blocks and help you price confidently. This course comes with a fail-proof stem-counter system valued at $2000! Pre-enroll now!
JAN 24

Blueprint to a Sustainable & Profitable Wedding Floral Design Business

Have you spent a couple of years trying to turn a profit in your business? Are you running around in circles trying to make this business work for you instead of it working you to the ground? Here's my entire blueprint to how I turned my struggling business around.