Why Wedding Flowers Cost Vary Among Montreal Florists

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Planning a Montreal wedding is a process filled with excitement, anticipation, and a flurry of decisions. Among the many decisions that couples face, for many, selecting the perfect floral arrangements is no doubt, one of the most significant. However, as you begin to request quotes from various Montreal florists, you may notice a surprising discrepancy in the flowers cost and offerings. The quotes you receive for flowers cost may vary by a few hundred or even thousands of dollars from one florist to another.

In this blog post, I want to explore the reasons why wedding flower quotes can vary so significantly from one floral designer to another in Montreal.

1. Floral Design Expertise & Artistry

Each florist brings their unique style and artistic vision to the table. Some florists specialize in creating elaborate, high-end arrangements with exquisite attention to detail, while others may focus on more simplistic and budget-friendly designs. A florist’s expertise and the level of artistry they bring to their work can greatly impact the overall cost of their services.

2. Reputation & Experience

Florists with a well-established reputation and years of experience may charge higher prices for their expertise. Established florists have likely honed their skills, built a reliable network of suppliers, and gained valuable insights into creating stunning arrangements that stand the test of time. Therefore, their flower cost will be higher than a relatively new designer with less experience.

3. Creative Approach

While you may share the same inspirational images with multiple florists in Montreal, the actual execution of a flower arrangement can differ significantly based on the creative approach of each florist. Florists possess their artistic vision and expertise, which can influence how they interpret and customize the design to suit your preferences and the overall theme of your wedding.

4. Design Customization

Some florists may add unique elements or incorporate special touches to make the arrangement more personalized and exclusive. This customization can involve selecting complementary blooms, accent pieces, or even experimenting with different textures and flower varieties to create a distinct look. As a result, the level of creativity and the attention to detail put into the arrangement can impact the overall flowers cost.

5. Quality & Sourcing of Flowers

The quality of flowers used in wedding arrangements can vary greatly. Some florists may opt for premium blooms from certain farms, while others may use more common and easily accessible varieties from another farm. Moreover, the sourcing of flowers can also influence flowers cost. Local flowers may be more affordable, while imported blooms may come with a heftier price tag due to import costs. Local and imported blooms may vary in size, it’s up to the florist how they want the final design to look to determine where to source their flowers.

6. Inclusion of Additional Services

Some florists offer a comprehensive wedding package that includes not only the floral arrangements but also additional services like decor, small rentals, and other accessories. This can mean you’re paying for only one delivery instead of multiple vendors to deliver the different elements. Or, it can mean a higher quote based on these value-added services but can also provide peace of mind and convenience to you on your big day.

7. Time & Effort

The time and effort invested in discussing and revising the design with you also play a role in pricing. Some florists may dedicate more time to understanding your vision and preferences, ensuring that the final arrangement perfectly reflects your dream wedding. Consequently, the collaborative effort and customizations can contribute to variations in quotes among different Montreal florists.

So Then How DO You Choose Your Florist?

When obtaining wedding flower quotes from various Montreal florists, keep in mind that the same inspirational images can lead to unique and diverse floral arrangements. The creative approach, design customization, and collaborative efforts of each florist are crucial factors that influence the final pricing. By considering these aspects alongside the florist’s expertise, reputation, and overall package, you can make a well-informed decision and find the perfect floral partner who will turn your wedding day into an unforgettable experience.

Most importantly! Don’t choose your florist based on pricing. Choose the florist you connect with most and who you feel understands your vision the best!

If you’d love to get a quote on your wedding floral vision, simply reach out here. My team and I will get back to you promptly to get the conversation started!

Happy planning!


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